It’s all about Brand recognition

At a time when the retail packaging world is becoming smaller – commercial competition is becoming fierce. The need for performance driven, strategic marketing support is now paramount. In this climate, NORSE GLOBAL has been unusually successful at articulating Brand Values and developing Marketing Performance Strategies that deliver their Promise! With Integrated Communication across all “touch points” of an event or campaign. Performance can be increased and customer engagement can be enhanced.

Our Services

An Integrated Service Delivery… supporting a Memorable, Engaging Corporate Performance

With an experienced transnational partner network of designers, manufacturers and project management  in Europe, North/South America and Asia Pacific, Norse Global is eminently placed to provide both intimate attention to creative requirements as well as performance strategies, and the important attention to detail that supports successful events or the smallest of details in manufacturing.

Creative Development

We understand the creative process and the need to work hand in hand with your team to bring your ideas to reality. Norse Global is an extension of your services. Not a competitor.

Events & Exhibitions

Stands, trade shows, exhibitions, events. Whatever you call them. We can do them.


Custom and standard mannequins tailored to your exact specifications in glass-fiber or plastic.

Webshop Packaging

Establish a consistent, uniformed and sustainable packaging structure. Let us streamline converters, reduce costs and ensure a safe, eco-friendly “last mile” for your most important brand ambassador; your packaging

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging can be challenging. We love a challenge. Norse Global has faced challenges and conquered them all.


Point-of Sale and Point-of-Purchase displays are one of our many specialities. Corrugated paper and corrugated plastics, along with many other specialty processes allow us to delivery high-quality displays to your doorstep.

Other Retail Services

Specialty retail services such as hangers and store signage.

Creative Method

A New Way of Working… Our Creative Path to Excellence in Craft and Performance!

When in Action make Certain; That all Tactical Decisions have Strategic Relevance… you are never allowed to lose operational maneuverability

Norse Global Duty of Care

Norse Global exercises Duty of Care with our clients and our client’s projects – we believe that in this corporate taxing climate we have a duty to identify and factor for the unforeseeable, avoiding the pressure of client customers having to deal with unspecified and un-budgeted additional element cost.

  • Scaleable, Flexible Solutions

  • High Performance Exhibitory

  • Right Sizing – SPR (Spend Proportionate on Return)

  • Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and Recyclable Documentation

  • Cost Management Processes

  • Customer Engagement

  • ROI Toolset (Return on Investment)

  • Responsive to your needs

    Norse Global understands you have deadlines. We strive to meet every one of them with your best interests in mind.

  • Rapid prototyping

    Access to the latest in 3D printing allows Norse Global to provide full or scale prototypes prior to production for approval.

  • Quick turn times

    Norse Global’s direct contact with manufacturers guarantees on time deliveries with all duties and taxes accounted for.

Packaging passion

Norse Global is passionate about what we do. We exercise every ability to make sure you share our passion. We strive to keep you informed at every turn so we are all on the same page.

Creative Designs

Creativity is what brings your brand to life. Norse Global researches all possible avenues to help you execute the most creative project possible.

  • I was very pleased working with Norse Global. Their attentive manner and professional demeanor were second to none. Our client was extremely happy with our delivery of product.

    Mr. Woongong - Principal Partner

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We’re a team of experts who love to create beautiful and innovative solutions. We are Global Packaging Experts.

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